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12 oz. Explore Slim Can Cooler

Harbor Hound Co.


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Sip your favorite drink with our Collapsible Foam 12 oz Slim Can Cooler! Our can cooler features a strawberry ice color with our beautiful designs screen printed on each side of the can cooler in an off-white khaki color.

These drink coolers fit slim 12 oz. cans. It is the perfect fit for your favorite 12 oz. skinny can Michelob Ultra® beer, Corona® Refresca cans, White Claw®, Truly or Spiked Seltzer® slim cans. Also fits 12 oz. energy drink cans such as Red Bull® and others, 8 oz. cans will not fit. These unique slim can coolers are made of polyurethane foam. The collapsible design will make it easy to slip in your pocket or purse on the go. Customized slim can coolers make great promotional items, standing out in a sea of standard koozie® products.

Harbor Hound Co. is not affiliated with Michelob®, White Claw®, Truly Spike & Sparkling®, Spiked Seltzer®, Corona® or Red Bull® brands or products.

Type: Accessories