Meet Our Pack

Meet the Harbor Hound Co. Brand Ambassadors!

We are so proud and happy to work with this exceptional pack of trailblazers and the incredible humans behind the camera lens. Each one is a valuable member bringing their own unique style and talents to the Harbor Hound Pack and we are honored to have them represent Harbor Hound Co. You can follow links to their individual Instagram profiles below where you can get to know each one better. On their Instagram account you will also find a 10% discount code that you can use to save a little on your next Harbor Hound Co. purchase.

The 2018-2019 Harbor Hound Pack

Atlas & North + Tiler - @thenorthernwild


Tucker & Leo + Julie - @tuckerleo_da_huskies
Nala + Chris - @adventuringwithnala
Jax, Zooey & Haku + Corey - @jaxandthepack
Darwin + Taylor - @evolutioncorgi
Winter + Kristen - @winterthesiberian
Ippo + Amanda - @ippo_shiba_gram
Xena & Rogue + Michele - @twopitsonepug
Atlas + Morgan - @atlasinwanderland
Jäger & Porter + Megan - @drunkonhuskies
Winston & Nell + Ashley - @5280coloradodogs
Aleu & Kyra + Alex - @adventuresibes