More About Our Natural Gemstone Crystals

Welcome! In this list you will find more information about the gemstone crystal cabochons that I offer in the RockHound Collar Collection.

The information below is sourced from The Encyclopedia Of Crystals by Judy Hall.

"Crystals are found all over the world in a rainbow of colors and myriad forms. Crystal potency has been recognized for years, and crystals have the ability to adorn, to heal, to divine, to protect, to manifest, and to transmute and transform energy. Many of these potent crystals have strong planetary and personal healing properties.... Most carry a very high vibration." - Introduction, The Encyclopedia Of Crystals, Revised Edition 2013

Now, lets dive into the metaphysical properties of each crystal cabochon that you can find in our RockHound Collection. Our crystal cabochons are expertly carved from the natural stone.

Rose Quartz - A stone of unconditional love and infinite peace. Beneficial for inducing love, reducing tension, overcoming trauma, & grief. A high-vibration stone.

Rhodochrosite - Representing selfless love and compassion. Beneficial for emotional release, mental stress, self-worth, denial, instilling a positive attitude, irrational fears, memory, intellect. Encourages spontaneous expression of feelings and lifts a depressed mood, bringing lightness into life.

Carnelian - Carnelian removes fears and assists positive life choices. Useful for overcoming abuse, helps you trust yourself and your perceptions, overcoming negative conditioning. Motivates for success and grounds daydreamers into everyday reality. Courage, vitality, fertility, concentration, accelerates healing.

Red Jasper - Jasper is known as a supreme nurturer. Helps to sustain and support during times of stress and unifies all aspects of life. Returns negativity to it's source, balances yin and yang, and stimulates imagination, transforming ideas into action. Red Jasper provides gentle grounding energy and is an excellent "worry stone" for calming emotion.

Garnet -