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Petite 1/2" Odyssey Leash, Adjustable Leash, Hands-Free Leash

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The Petite 1/2" ODYSSEY Adjustable Leash from the SUMMIT & SEA Collection

The Harbor Hound Co.™ Petite ODYSSEY LEASH is designed for and named after all the bold voyagers and their adventure hounds, because nothing is more rewarding than a journey full of adventure shared with your best friend.

Hours of trekking in the mountains not really your thing? The The ODYSSEY Leash is still the leash for you & is soon to be your new go-to favorite leash because it is stylish, functional, light weight, easy to store or pack, rinses clean after a day at the beach(no more soaked sand filled leashes, it's a miracle!) has multiple functions including hands-free attachment, is available in a variety of bold colors + has many more reasons to love it.


7 Feet long in length from clip end to clip end & made from light weight 1/2" wide leather-free webbing that is designed to keep up with all of your outings. Whether it be just a stroll in the park, a day at the beach or a weekend of camping and hiking the tallest peaks, the SUMMIT & SEA Collection of collars and leashes will live up to their name and be reliable gear for you and your hound, no matter your destination.

• waterproof, durable, high strength, abrasion & crack resistant, mold and mildew resistant, odor resistant, cleans easily, vegan friendly & low maintenance

• Bolt Snaps & Trigger Snap hardware available in Natural Gold finish, Silver plated brass or Black Powder Coated finish. Brass & Stainless Steel are strong and will not rust with use in water, even salt water.  Black Powder Coated hardware is not rust resistant and is not recommended for use in water.

• 1/2" wide webbing in light weight standard thickness. It is thin, flexible, light weight yet strong enough for larger medium dogs. This webbing size is light enough for smaller pups under 20 lbs. that find the larger 5/8" Odyssey leash version a little too heavy or bulky.

• Comes with an adjustable O ring, and two stable D rings, one for the traditional handle clip and the other on the opposite end of the leash so the leash can be clipped down to half its length. O-ring can be adjusted up and down the full length of the leash, keep in mind, this ring does not work the same as a loose O ring and can not be used as a slip lead.

What can it do?
•Flat out the leash is 7' long, clip end into the stable D-ring to create a handle and clip the other end to your dog's collar or harness for approximately a 6' traditional leash.
• Clip one end to an O ring to create a handle and clip the other end to the second O ring and loop around your dogs neck to use as a temporary collar when you don't have a collar to latch to. This ring will not slip like a slip leash.
• Attach the top snap to the D-Ring at the opposite end to create a short 3.5" lead when you need to keep your pup closer to you.
• Temporarily hitch your hound to a tree, fence or post by looping the leash around the stable object and clipping to a D ring or the adjustable O ring.
• Turn your leash into a coupler by attaching each end to a dog to walk both on the same leash. You can simply hold onto the middle of the leash or add a traffic handle lead to the adjustable O ring in the center of the leash.
• Attach one clip to your dogs collar and attach the opposite clip to your dogs harness to have dual control and gain extra security on your outings. You can hold the center of the leash or add a traffic handle to the adjustable O ring.
• For hands-free use wrap the leash around your waist and clip to the adjustable O ring or loop it over your head, cross-body like, and clip to the adjustable O ring down by your hip to use the lead hands-free for walking/running/hiking. One of my favorite features! When we are able to safely let our dog off leash on a hike, I will also carry my leash clipped cross-body for easy access and to be hands-free.
It seems there are many functions for this leash and I am sure you will find even more handy uses for this multi-way lead.

If you have a short dog and you are wanting to use the leash cross-body and you are tall you may need to add a foot or more to be able to do this. I have a listing available on the Upgrades Page for you to choose how many extra feet you would like to add to your leash.

This listing is for one leash, does not include collar.

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