Our Story

Summit or Sea, Adventure Awaits!
No matter the destination, Harbor Hound gear pairs perfect with every outing & excursion. Handcrafted adventure-ready gear for an active hound lifestyle. Find your adventure!
Harbor Hound Co. was created in late 2015 in Denver, CO, starting as a small side hobby, with the goal of providing unique, high quality, fashionable dog accessories to fit you and your hounds personal style. We never dreamed we would grow so much and be where we are today, thanks to our wonderful customers! As a small business we strive to provide exceptional customer service and quality artisan made products to our customers. We know that the items you buy for your pup mean something to you and when you use them they make you feel good. We hope that our products will bring that good feeling to your everyday life with your much loved furry companion. So give us a look around and design your own accessories to fit your style!
Hi, I'm Candyce, lover of art, pizza, the ocean, the mountains, hiking, sea turtles, plants, kayaking, swimming, coffee, craft brew and of course, all dogs big, small, young and vintage.
I started Harbor Hound Co. simply out of the immeasurable love I have for dogs. I have a Bachelors in Studio Art from Arkansas State University. At the time, what seems like many moons ago but really not that long ago, I was working full time in an unfulfilling office cubical job. For a creative outlet I started making rope leashes and collars for my rescue pup, Emmi. We received so many complements at the dog parks and on the hiking trails that we took our small hobby public and created an Etsy shop. We sold our first Harbor Hound Co. accessory(a Navy Blue leash) on August 4th, 2015. (Que confetti cannons!) While I don't have much time to donate to volunteer at shelters and rescues any longer since I run every aspect of Harbor Hound Co., I am happy to say that we are able to donate money every month to non-profit organizations to aide homeless pets in need of a safe harbor.
We have recently moved, August 2017, from Colorado to Florida's Space Coast so my husband can finish his degree at FIT. While there are many things we miss about Colorado, we are excited to explore everything Florida has to offer.
Meet Emmi, lover of all things small that squeak, pretty bandanas, dental bones(the green ones), running on the beach with mom, salmon oil addict, hiking queen, beach bum and social butterfly.
Emmi is a 7 year old rescue mutt-puppy. We adopted Emmi when she was 2 years old and other than marriage it's been one of our greatest decisions. She is our happy-go-lucky gal, my soul dog and keeps our world turning.