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1.5" LETO Gemstone Buckle Collar

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LETO Buckle Collar

Harbor Hound Co.™ ROCKHOUND - Genuine Gemstone Collar Collection

The LETO Design Buckle Collar is a stunning and bold design with metal studs lining the edges of the collar to accent the beauty of the crystal gemstones in the center, allowing the crystals to be the main focal point of the design, radiating their beauty and good energy outward.


• adorned with your choice of genuine, Mother Earth made, man polished, crystal gemstones. Please note, most of the minerals offered are on the Mohs hardness scale in the 5.5-7 range which is very hardy and durable. There are a few crystals that are in the 3.5-5 range and these are more delicate and can scratch or crack easier than harder minerals. These softer minerals are: Fluorite, Apatite, Rhodochrosite, Malachite, Kyanite. Gemstones are a natural material mined from the ground and there will be variations of color from stone to stone and there may be minor imperfections. Some stones are semi-translucent, please keep this in mind when choosing a webbing color as that color may be seen through the crystal. All of the stones we selected can get wet but please do not allow them to stay submerged in water for long periods of time and dry them thoroughly after cleaning. All stones are ethically mined, carved and polished.

• 1.5" wide heavy thickness(4mm) Genuine Biothane Webbing: waterproof, durable; a strong leather alternative, abrasion & crack resistant, mold and mildew resistant, odor resistant, cleans easily, vegan friendly & low maintenance. Note: there are limited colors available in 1.5" wide webbing.

• solid brass buckle and D-ring for collar tags and leash attachment.
• small collar tail keeper strap for a secure fit and style. You can design your collar to be a solid color or a two-tone collar by picking two of your favorite colors for the collar color and the keeper strap color.
• small brass 1/2" HHco. collar charm for added style.

**Please note, some webbing colors may bleed onto others, Neon Yellow, Bright Green, High Vision Orange, & Bright Pink have been known to transfer their colors onto lighter colored webbing.
Please message me if you have any questions or requests such as hole placement or custom sizing.

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